Meet the Quarterback

In 1989 Gerald Haddock became a part owner and the general counsel of the Texas Rangers baseball club. During the negations for the sale of the team, Mr. Haddock met former President George W. Bush. Working together on this deal, the President and Mr. Haddock formed a friendship based on trust and mutual respect that continues on today.


For Gerald Haddock’s 50th birthday, President Bush made a video remarking on his relationship with Mr. Haddock over the years. When asked about Mr. Haddock, President Bush says, “You can count on him as a friend.”


On April 25, 2013 Gerald Haddock will attend the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. The friendship and support that began more than twenty years ago remains.


Below is the video from President Bush to Gerald on his 50th birthday.

Richard Rainwater recorded this tribute to Mr. Haddock on the occasion of his birthday to thank him for his service.